Enjoy the fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers, moist earth; listen to the in-numerable variety of chirping birds, see them build those beautiful nests, get food for their little ones or just sit back and admire the rising sun or the full blown red sunset in the evening. Life has so much to offer at Sukoon besides the luxury of time and soothing environs.

Nature walks:

A walk in nature can give you the right dose of wilderness you need to refresh your spirit. Nature walks are a time for introspection and offer a chance to learn about wildlife. Be it a short nature trail or an adventurous all-day endeavour, it’s all possible here. Walking in the woods can actually increase your ability to focus and concentrate. Listen closely to birds and insects, the wind moving past different leaves, and the sounds of earth underfoot.

Camp fire:

Come and relax with your family and friends in a serene and calm ambience that serves as the perfect retreat from city life and enjoy the best of nature. Take in the majestic splendour of nature at its natural best with the vistas; flora and fauna. Sit by the light and warmth of the camp fire, a soul gratifying pleasure synonymous with laid back camping chairs, staring at the twinkling stars and wood sparks flying through fresh air.

Book reading:

Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes, take your pick! Our in-house library will bring out the avid reader in you. Step into the shoes of an ornithologist and know all about birds and bird watching, get an insight into travel and tourism with a wealth of information in our library. Turn the pages to explore bygone eras, time-honoured tales and historical narratives. The list is endless.


Enjoy the practice of growing and cultivating plants with our gardeners and take tips for creating the perfect vegetable garden in your home. Add colour, beauty and life and create a perfect backyard landscape with a quintessential bird feeder and let your freak flag fly.


Enter your own world of possibilities. Expand your horizons. Identify your feelings and give in to paints as a creative outlet to rediscover yourself. Stray away from the monotony of life, get inspired by beautiful landscapes and experiment with different forms of painting. Our colours are bound to leave a trace of colours in your life.


Discover your culinary skills and bring out the chef in you with the expertise of our experienced and enthusiastic staff who provide insight on the art of preparing the local cuisine and share various tips on lip smacking recipes.

Other Recreational Activities:

Recreational activities at ‘Sukoon’ include Chess, Ludo, Carrom etc and provide a source of joy and relaxation to your mind and body. It also presents an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your family and friends.