Architecture of the inn here defines the richness of Kumaon art in the region. Rediscover your roots with stone walls and slate roofs that have a strong eco-focus and stress on conservation of natural resources and improved indoor air quality that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. All rooms offer privacy, comfort and individuality and have en suite facilities; each with its own unique character, including a patio with a view that is an absolute treat to the eyes. They have the same amenities extending to single and double occupancy with the benefit of extra beds on request. The interiors of the rooms are very comfortable with best mattresses, duvets, pillows and toiletries. They are a natural refuge for silence, wilderness and an adventure in a beautiful verdant setting. Currently, there are three rooms operational in the property. A big family room on the upper deck with attached restroom. Two small rooms occupy the lower deck with a low height ceiling. The lower ceilings in these rooms bring out the functionality of Kumaon Architecture to provide warmth during winters and sustain the coziness in Summers.


The culinary tradition of Kumaon is deep-rooted in growing food organically and most of the recipes use items that are either found naturally in the Himalayas or are cultivated locally.

At Sukoon, Food is grown organically on our extensive organic farm and orchards and we rely on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost to offer the kitchen a host of fresh vegetables and fruits to be used daily in every meal. We provide nothing but the freshest fare. To complement our vegetable dishes, we also grow an array of herbs such as coriander, basil, sage, lemon grass and mint.

The cuisine is local. Kumaon is known for its spell-binding views of the Himalayas, peaceful retreats in the wild and impatient rivers, but food rarely finds a mention. Kumaoni food is very simple but extremely nutritious. For generations people here have mastered the skill of bringing the bio-diversity of the Himalayan eco-system to their plates. Using the medicinal herbs and spices found here, their cuisine has evolved into a perfect blend of taste and nutrition. Be it the sumptuous snack Aloo ke Gutke, or Chudkani (black soyabean), bhatiya (white soyabean) and ras (a combination of black lentil, black gram, horse gram and black soyabean) for the famished soul, our cooks have mastered it all and will surely spice up your Himalayan experience. We also offer an Indian cuisine on the platter with innovative delicacies and specialities including a wide variety of regional cuisines.